Lecture 41: Planetary Rings (2007 Nov 21)

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  1. Lecture Planetary Rings Key Ideas: All Jovian planets have rings: Jupiter: faint, dusty rings Saturn: bright, spectacular rings Uranus: dark, thin rings Neptune: dark, thin rings & ring arcs Ring properties: Bands of orbiting dusty particles and ice balls Shepherd moons & orbital resonances Roche (tidal) radius.
  2. Lecture The Gas Giants: Jupiter & Saturn ( Nov 14) Lecture The Ice Giants: Uranus & Neptune ( Nov 15) Lecture The Moons of Jupiter ( Nov 19) Lecture The Saturn System ( Nov 20) Lecture Planetary Rings ( Nov 21) Lecture Asteroids ( Nov 26) Lecture Icy Worlds of the Outer Solar System: Pluto, Eris and the Kuiper Belt ( Nov 27) .
  3. A numerical study of a gravitating system of colliding particles: applications to the dynamics of Saturn's rings and to the formation of the solar system. Icarus, 25, –8. Brahic, A. ().Cited by: 2.
  4. Nov 12,  · In our solar system, planetary rings are found around all the giant planets, showing spectacular variety. Jupiter's thin ring system is composed mostly of dust. Saturn's rings are the largest and best studied, and the target of the NASA/ESA Cassini space mission that will .
  5. From the wave damping length and the ring viscosity, we also estimate the vertical thickness of the C ring to be between $ ~(\pm )$ m and $ ~(\pm )$ m, which is consistent with the.
  6. Jul 03,  · Carolyn C. Porco, Douglas P. Hamilton, in Encyclopedia of the Solar System (Second Edition), STELLAR OCCULTATIONS. A stellar occultation occurs when, as viewed from Earth, a bright star passes behind a planetary ring system. These events occur rarely, typically last for hours, and can yield data on the location of ring features that rival spacecraft resolutions.
  7. All of the gas giants in our Solar System host ring systems, in contrast to the inner planets. One proposed mechanism of planetary ring formation is disruption or mass shedding of moons. The orbit.
  8. Planetary science lecture () - U. Christensen: Planetary Interiors and Surfaces Part 3 - Meteorites free samples from the solar system kB Planetary science lecture () - U. Christensen: Planetary Interiors and Surfaces Part 4 - Age dating of samples and of planetary surfaces MB.
  9. September 21 & A Volcanologist's Paradise. October 19 & Sink or Swim? Using Radar to Protect California’s Water Supply. November 16 & Mars , or There and Back Again. December 14 & Weight Watching from Space: Tracking Earth’s water cycle with GRACE Follow-On.

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