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  1. Perestroika, (Russian: “restructuring”) program instituted in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Gorbachev in the mids to restructure Soviet economic and political policy.
  2. Mar 10,  · Perestroika (“restructuring” in Russian) refers to a series of political and economic reforms meant to kick-start the stagnant s economy of the Soviet Union.
  3. noun Russian. the program of economic and political reform in the Soviet Union initiated by Mikhail Gorbachev in
  4. Mar 20,  · As Russia undergoes perestroika, public and private lives are radically re-assessed and Sasha sees the social and sexual upheavals as a crisis of civilization, and a reflection of his own obsessive studies into the nature of the Universe itself/10().
  5. Perestroika was a series of reforms initiated by Gorbachev to stabilize and strengthen the Soviet regime through economic and political restructuring.
  6. Perestroika From modest beginnings at the Twenty-Seventh Party Congress in , perestroika, Mikhail Gorbachev's program of economic, political, and social restructuring, became the unintended catalyst for dismantling what had taken nearly three-quarters of a century to erect: the Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist totalitarian state.
  7. Nov 01,  · Perestroika (restructuring) presents Gorbachev's aspirations and major policies. "Democratization" of management and society is a central if undefined goal. The author admits past stagnation in domestic, and mistakes in foreign, by:
  8. Feb 13,  · Perestroika, which in English translates to "restructuring," was Gorbachev's program to restructure the Soviet economy in an attempt to revitalize it. To restructure, Gorbachev decentralized the controls over the economy, effectively lessening the government's role in the decision-making processes of individual enterprises.
  9. When Gorbachev became head of the Communist Party in , he launched perestroika (“restructuring”). His team was more heavily Russian than that of his predecessors. It seems that initially even Gorbachev believed that the basic economic structure of the U.S.S.R. was sound and therefore only minor reforms were needed.

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