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  1. Description: Upuaut means, "The Opener of the Ways." In war, he opened pathways for the armies to cut into the armies of their enemies, and he opened the doors of the underworld for the dead. He originated in Upper Egypt as a cemetery god, and was later transformed into the god of death proper.
  2. Wepwawet, also Upuaut, was a war god and patron of soldiers. He was portrayed with a wolf head and associated with the jackal-headed Inpu as a result. Like Inpu, he was associated with tombs and death. [show]Gods and goddesses of Egyptian mythologyConsort: Wepetwawet.
  3. Wepwawet (Upuaut, Wep-wawet, and Ophois) was an ancient wolf god whose worship originated in Upper Egypt.. He was one of the earliest of the gods to be worshipped at Abydos, possibly predating (and absorbing) Khentyamentiu (another god of the Abydos necropolis). By the Old Kingdom he was popular throughout Egypt, but as Osiris grew in popularity (absorbing both Khentyamentiu and Wepwawet.
  4. In late Egyptian mythology, Wepwawet (also rendered Upuaut, Wep-wawet, Wepawet, and Ophois) was originally a war deity, whose cult centre was Asyut in Upper Egypt (Lycopolis in the Greco-Roman period). His name means, Opener of the Ways. Some interpret that Wepwawet was seen as a scout, going out to clear routes for the army to proceed forward.
  5. A few years ago, a small robot nicknamed Upuaut In ancient Egypt, the god Upuaut was the god who opened the way. Such an appropriate name! was responsible for exploring one of those famous pipes. Halfway down, the little robot has bumped into a stone door which ruins the hypothesis of Bauval.
  6. THE UPUAUT PROJECT OFFICIAL WEB SITE. A REPORT BY RUDOLF GANTENBRINK. This web site contains a complete scientific report about the investigation of the so-called "air shafts" inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops, and all related additional information. It includes a set .
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  8. In , German engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink, explored the shafts in the Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramidusing a crawler robot he designed, called Upuaut II. He discovered that one of the shafts was blocked by what appeared to be a limestone door due to its two eroded copper handles.
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